Shawn and Mandy

Just a warning…these are not, I repeat, NOT engagement photos. Shawn and Mandy were kind enough to let me do a shoot when we were visiting my parents at Topsail Beach in North Carolina last weekend. A man was fishing off the shore near the beach house we were staying in and stared at my brother and his girlfriend throughout the shoot. He happened to have his fly down and carried the smell of an alcoholic beverage on his breath (at 11 am mind you).

He asked them after, “you two getting some engagement photos?”

My brother replied, “Nope, my sister wanted to take some pictures of us.”

Then the man said, “Oh good, you two are way too young for marriage. You should definitely wait. I’m 53 and look at me! I’m not married yet!”

I sure hope these two don’t take those words of wisdom to heart. Marriage is awesome. Plus, aren’t they super cute together?

smcol1smcol2smcol3smcol4 smcol5


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