Kenny and Hannah

I’ll never forget meeting Kenny and Hannah. Mark had just entered graduate school and we attended the first house party of one of his classmates. I didn’t know what to expect at a house party filled with a bunch of chemical engineering graduate students (a.k.a. geniuses…a.k.a. nerds). I had this nightmare playing through my mind of us sitting down to play a game like Cranium and everyone pointing and laughing at my daft answers. Thankfully, it was not like that at all. I realized I was going to really like this new chapter in Mark’s life. Everyone was inviting and kind. No popularity contests among this crew, which was a nice change from the world of professional soccer.

Two of the sweetest people we met at that party were Kenny and Hannah. They were newly married and young. So young they made us feel ancient, but I soon realized they were both old souls at heart. They are kind, humble, giving, and committed to each other. I’ve learned so much from watching Hannah as she encourages and supports Kenny through these early years of graduate school. I can’t imagine being that mature and selfless at her age.

We really love these two, and we’re so thankful ours paths crossed.

kenhancol1 kenhancol2 kenhancol3 kenhancol4 kenhancol5 kenhancol6


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