iPhone Only

I recently got a new iPhone and I’m a bit obsessed. I can’t believe they can fit such a good camera into such a little space.

I wanted to post some of my recent pictures taken with my new phone. Most are of Evelyn (no surprise there). I realize at some point I’m going to have to cool it on the baby pictures. I don’t want her thinking the world revolves around her. But for now, she doesn’t know any better and neither do I as a new parent.

There are also some pics of us out and about in Raleigh, NC. My parents were in town (babysitters!) so we had a chance to see the nightlife here. We managed to stay out until around 1, but man were we tired the next day. The image below is of a group that was walking in front of us that night. I wonder what the yellow balloons were for?

phonecol9phonecol7phonecol8phonecol3phonecol10 phonecol4


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