The Lindenfelsers

I had the opportunity to photograph my cousin Sydney and her growing family over the holidays in Minnesota. We did part of the shoot at Rum River Tree Farm near my parent’s house in Oak Grove, and the other part in and around my parent’s house. I had so much fun photographing this family. Sydney and Alex are two of the most laid back parents I’ve ever met, and that fun-loving attitude has definitely passed on to sweet little Harper. I’ve never seen a more photogenic baby. I swear this girl should be the new Gerber model!

As you can see below, she gets that photogenic quality from her mommy. Alex looks great too, but Sydney gets extra cute points thanks to the baby bump on her belly. Even at 37 weeks pregnant, Sydney was trekking through the snow, hauling her one year old around and laughing the whole time. Plus, she was up for anything (including trying on her cousin Morgan’s non-maternity yellow jacket).

Thanks for letting me document this time in your lives Lindenfelsers!



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