Baby Lilly

Adam and Ashley are friends from our church and they were so sweet to give me the opportunity to photograph their family. Their baby Lilly was born just two weeks before these photos were taken and she had already been to the hospital and back for health reasons during that time. Because of this, I expected a bit of frazzle from the parents, or at least some tired eyes. But to my surprise, Adam and Ashley looked refreshed, relaxed, and ready.

Ashley wears motherhood beautifully (as you can see below) and Adam is an amazingly supportive husband. As we were shooting, Adam would ask his wife something like, “Did you want to do the one with the ultrasound that you saw on Pinterest?” Then Ashley would give a little smile of appreciation that her hubby remembered that wish while her mind was in mothering mode. They work so naturally together and I kept thinking what a blessing their relationship will be for Lilly as she grows.

Thank you Adam, Ashley, Lilly, and of course Daisy (the puppy). I learned so much from our session and you all made it really fun!

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