Connections Photobooth

I love our church. It’s one of the few churches I’ve walked into where I don’t feel like people are pretending. We all come as we are to worship, weep, doubt, believe, love, and celebrate together.

I had the opportunity to photograph one of those celebrations two weeks ago. Our youth pastor, Al, and children’s pastor, Chelsea, have decided to move out of their positions onto other callings. Instead of giving them a gift and a sad goodbye (they’re still going to attend our church, so it’s not really an official “goodbye”), the church leaders threw them a party. Fred, our pastor, asked if I would take pictures – photobooth style – for the event.

To be honest, I was a bit intimidated by the idea of not having natural light, but it was a great learning opportunity. I’m now a believer in the flash (as long as it’s external).

Thanks for the fun Connections Church!

colconn1 colconn2 colconn3 colconn4 colconn5 colconn6 colconn7 colconn8


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