Thomas Family

I was so excited to take pictures of Stewart, Becca and Daelynn at Pullen Park. It was a hot and sunny day in Raleigh so I knew I’d be battling crowds of families looking for a way to entertain their children. But about 30 minutes before we were set to meet, darkness covered the skies. It was pouring rain and I thought our much anticipated shoot would have to be postponed. Then I looked at my phone and saw the current weather was stormy and 68 degrees; however, in only 10 minutes it would be sunny and 88 degrees. That seems like a typical stormy day in North Carolina. The rain never stays too long.

For me, the short storm felt like divine intervention. We had the park virtually to ourselves and Daelynn could run free through the playground area, which made for some great candid shots of her sparkling smile. After a little while I had the family sit down on some steps. Stewart started to pull out a long thin sheet of paper with photos on it and asked, “Could we use these in some of the shots?”

I couldn’t believe it! I instantly recognized the black and white images as ultrasound photos! I was so excited for them and started doing the math to figure out how far apart this baby would be from Daelynn. Then I looked a little closer at the pictures….there wasn’t just one little peanut tucked inside her womb. I clearly saw two babies! TWINS! When I finally said it and looked up at them both, I could see the sweet mixture of complete shock, terror, and excitement in their faces. Being that I’m far along in my second pregnancy and my daughter’s almost the same age as Daelynn, I put myself in their shoes for a second. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how I would look if I got that news. What an amazing ride they are in for though. Three little blessings in such a short time.

I am so honored I was able to document this season in their lives.

All five of them!














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