Habitat for Humanity – Builder Blitz

Habitat asked if I could take some shots of a recent event they held here in Raleigh. It’s a yearly promotion called “Builder Blitz” where different builders offer to donate one week of their time to build a house for someone in need. One of the days I was on site, the previous host of “This Old House” was speaking. To be honest, I vaguely remembered hearing about this show years ago, but I had no idea what the host would look like. Then I told my mom about it and she was super excited. I guess this show was the precursor to all the HGTV and DIY network shows of today (which I am addicted to!). When I showed up to get some pictures of the host, I had no trouble identifying him since he was the only one signing autographs. I just wish I got one for my mom!

The next day on site was the dedication ceremony. This is where the builders and organizers of the event show their appreciation for the work done and hand the homes over to their new owners. I was surprised to see the home owners stand up to the podium to speak. They were all very gracious and obviously overwhelmed by the generosity of the volunteers, sponsors, and Habitat workers. I got a little teary eyed when a Kenyan woman spoke of her family and how much the home, a place to call their own, meant to them.

Every time I visit a Habitat site or event, I am so impressed with the work they do. Thank you Habitat of Wake County – both for your work in the community and for inviting me to take photos!


Habitat used one of the images I took during the Blitz in an advertisement geared toward Cisco employees. The woman in the image looked like she knew how to run a power saw better than all the guys – I was so impressed that I had to take a shot!






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