I’m Back

WordPress, how could I ever leave you? I was lured away by a different blog provider only to find that there is no equal to you. I’ve decided I need to simplify things these days. I realize with two kiddos it’s just not feasible to blog about every session I do. The blog platform I was using required lots of work in order to get my images to show up (and sometimes they still didn’t). Rather than complain about it anymore, I’ve decided to post when I can and use my original blogging site.

I won’t have as many words with my posts because I’m really trying to keep up with writing on my other blog – tothefull168.com. That might be a pipe dream with all there is to do….dishes, laundry, nose wipes, etc. But at least I’m taking a step in the direction of making room for that.

Anyway, here is one of my latest sessions. It’s with Charles and Kat. A lovely couple that is finally together after being separated by those pesky immigration laws. He’s Canadian, a creative genius, and a doughnut lover. She’s an American who works in one of those cool CSI type jobs identifying bullets and doing other gun related things. Yep, she’s hardcore, but also SO stylish and fun. I am BEYOND excited for their wedding in South Carolina in late March.

They are both photographers so I was a bit nervous for their session, but of course, the fact that they are photographers made it so amazing. Just look at the outfits they chose…come ON! Plus, we started the session at Krispy Kreme then ended at a new restaurant in downtown Raleigh called Pie Bird. I asked one of the employees at Pie Bird if we could take some shots inside. I loved the exposed brick with paintings on the walls. Of course, because we used their location for our shoot, I felt compelled to buy some slices of pie.

I mean, that would have been rude not to, right?

_J6A8446_J6A8449_J6A8469_J6A8493_J6A8522_J6A8550_J6A8554 _J6A8558 _J6A8577 _J6A8604 _J6A8733 _J6A8745 _J6A8746 _J6A8765 _J6A8828 _J6A8900 _J6A8914_J6A8662_J6A8636_J6A8647_J6A8644


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