Lilly / One year of life

Adam and Ashley were my first official newborn clients (outside of family). They trusted me to document the arrival of their baby girl Lilly and it’s hard to believe it’s already been a whole year since she came! I love this family. I wish I could take them along to every family photo shoot. Adam wasn’t a bit shy about getting right behind me and hamming it up for his baby girl. And Ashley created an amazing sign that documented all the stats and cute information you’d want to remember about your one-year-old.

Lilly got into the shoot too by showing a wide range of expressions. I had so much fun capturing them all. What a little sweetheart. Happy Birthday Lilly!

_J6A8206 _J6A8182_J6A8214 _J6A8251 _J6A8259 _J6A8278 _J6A8308 _J6A8147 _J6A8334 _J6A8342 _J6A8351 _J6A8378  _J6A8401 _J6A8414


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