Baby Mollie

At first baby Mollie was none too happy about me and my camera invading her home. She eventually warmed up to the whole photo shoot idea, but I got my fussy shots while I could. She had such a cute little cry (I can say that because my youngest is now six months and past that stage). While Mommy worked on calming Mollie down, I took some shots of big sister and daddy. I will never forget Claire’s “cheese”. She said it so quickly and in a matter-of-fact sort of way. I didn’t even prompt her to say it. When I first pulled out the camera, she took one look at me, said her tiny “cheese”, and walked off as if that was that.

My favorites are the pictures of the two girls together. Mollie was so interested in what her big sister was doing. It’s amazing seeing that connection in the early days.

I’m so honored that I got to capture it!

_J6A9630_J6A9539-2_J6A9567_J6A9572-2_J6A9469_J6A9489 _J6A9498 _J6A9517-2_J6A9554_J6A9563_J6A9584 _J6A9579-2  _J6A9598_J6A9608_J6A9640-2_J6A9654_J6A9678-2 _J6A9684 _J6A9689-2 _J6A9691 _J6A9729 _J6A9731-2 _J6A9737 _J6A9760-2


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