Charles + Kat: A Plantation Wedding

Charles and Kat were so intentional with their wedding day choices. They managed this even while dealing with the difficulties that come with marrying a Canadian, and having immediate family living overseas. I was so impressed with their ability to be flexible while also staying true to their style and wedding goals. They are both thoughtful, driven, and creative individuals. I gathered this much from the amazing speeches that Kat’s dad and their friends gave. The toasts were well prepared and given with such poise. Seriously, these people should be hired out. Mark and I talked the whole way home about how we wished we could have recorded them. There were references to philosophers and obscure analogies that somehow fit perfectly. Just amazing.

The wedding venue was Hopsewee Plantation in South Carolina near Kat’s family beach house where she grew up vacationing. Kat’s aunt provided all the details and made the day feel so intimate and personalized. I would say everything was perfect, but it ended up being unseasonably cold for South Carolina in late March. Everyone rallied though and gave their most warm-feeling smiles despite the wind.

It was such an honor spending the day with this crew. Lovely people celebrating lovely people. What a dream day for Mark and me!



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