Jake and Kristy: A Wedding

Jake and Kristy are people you meet for just a few minutes and then walk away wanting your kids to be like them. He’s a civil engineer and she’s a nurse working with cancer patients. Obviously very responsible young people. Beyond that, it’s so apparent how much they love their family and friends. Everyone at the wedding seemed giddy for these two, especially the grandmas. Kristy’s grandma was there while the girls were getting ready. One of my favorite shots is of her peeking through an opening in the wall where one of Kristy’s cats was perched (Kristy has two cats that liked my camera). She chatted with me about how she adored her eldest granddaughter and felt so honored to be a part of Kristy’s day. I could have sat with Kristy’s grandma for hours.

Then there was Jake’s grandma. Now this is a grandma with style and some serious spunk. I had so many family shots of her making faces at Jake or giving sass to one of her daughters. I think it’s fair to say that when the grandmas are fun people, it’s going to be an amazing party. Tone at the top if you will. And boy was that true. I have never attended a wedding where every guest, and I mean EVERY single person regardless of age, was on the dance floor throughout most of the night. The endurance was amazing!

You might think the dancing and the party took away from the intimacy, but not at all. When Jake and Kristy entered the reception, Jake took over the microphone and sang “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. He couldn’t get all of it out though because of the tears for his bride. Her best friend took over the mic and beautifully sang the rest. It was such a thoughtful celebration from beginning to end for two people that couldn’t be more deserving. I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am that I got to capture this day. I had so much fun!



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