Joe and Tracy: A Wedding

I knew I was going to shoot my cousin Tracy’s wedding about a year before the big day, and it felt like an eternity waiting. Their love story has layers, and when two people come together under not-so-perfect circumstances, it brings a sort of durability to their love and the meaning of the day.

Tracy has a teenage son, Jace, and together Joe and Tracy have a little girl named Macy. The wedding was one big family affair with all the kiddos involved from the get-go. One of the sweetest moments was seeing little Macy walk down the aisle with her two cousins, Kinley and Mila, as flower girls. Mila was born with a rare mitochondrial disease that doesn’t allow the cells in her body to function and grow properly. A huge part of this family’s story is how they have all rallied around this baby girl. What Mila lacks in energy, they have filled many times over with love. Mila couldn’t be there for much of the day, but I know it meant so much to the family to see her come down the aisle in a wagon with her cousins.

Another special moment was when Tracy’s dad and her son, Jace, did a first look. It was almost impossible to not have tears as Marty choked up at the sight of his daddy’s girl and when Jace gave his mom a kiss. They escorted Tracy down the aisle to Joe, who hadn’t seen his bride before that moment. I loved seeing the faces on Tracy and her family as they looked at Joe. You could see that they all trusted him. They knew this guy was in and would be in for all of what marriage brings. He loves Tracy just as much or more than they ever would have hoped for her.

That sense of faith in their love shined through from everyone, especially Joe and Tracy. Mark and I were so thankful we got to be there to experience it and capture all the sweet moments that made it special.



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