Preston and Meribeth: A Wedding

Sometimes the weddings I shoot bring a movie to mind and all I could think of during Preston and Meribeth’s was Love Actually. The guy who did the service was the matchmaker who brought them together. He shared their journey and little pieces of their personalities. He also talked a lot about love and what it means to be “in love”. I’m a big sap so this stuff gets to me (when I first saw “Up”, a lady actually got out of her seat which was rows away to bring me a little pack of tissues….it’s very embarrassing). I’m pretty sure this sappy side is why I love shooting weddings so much though. I am a huge sucker for a good love story, whether it originated in a hollywood perfect romance sort of way, or through careful consideration and long-term maintenance.

Every story is unique and Preston and Meribeth definitely made their ceremony their own. At one point, they both addressed Meribeth’s two boys. I couldn’t hear most of what they said sadly, but I know the people around them were brought to tears. The whole event was like this, thoughtfully focused on the two of them and the people in their lives. I couldn’t help but imagine them in a sequel to Love Actually…maybe Love Literally? Or Love Indubitably? (which is one of my favorite words used in another favorite movie of mine….can you guess which one?)

Oh, and I should mention the feet. Preston was intent on not wearing shoes…it’s his thing. And, in addition to love stories, I’m a BIG fan of individuality. It makes my job interesting.

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