Jonathan and Laura: An Engagement

As I walked around Tobacco Road Campus in Durham then Crabtree Lake in Raleigh with Jonathan and Laura, I learned that both of them have a great appreciation for Disney (Jonathan might argue that he didn’t have a choice but to appreciate Disney with how much Laura loves it :-)). I am a big fan too. Actually I would argue that I didn’t have a choice either.

My mom was obsessed, and that’s not exaggerating.

She took me to see The Little Mermaid in the dollar theater 11 times, and that was over the span of maybe two months. Then we saw Aladdin seven times and her favorite, The Lion King, a record 13 times in the movie theater. I probably shouldn’t admit this to the world, but once in a while she would even take me out of school early so we could catch the matinee. Of course, I didn’t protest this and I didn’t get sick of the movies either. I can easily sing almost all the songs from the classic Disney films word for word.

When Jonathan talked about Laura’s love for Disney I couldn’t help but think of my poor dad. My mom convinced him to go on a Disney cruise claiming that they’d have a lot of alone time in the adult areas of the boat because all the other passengers were families. She failed to tell him that Disney songs would be projected over the speakers 24/7. My dad swore the words to “It’s a Small World After All” had changed to “It’s a Small Jump After All” and he was ready to go overboard.

Is this Jonathan’s fate? I had a feeling he knew what he was in for and he didn’t mind a bit. Throughout the session, Jonathan would quote something from one of Laura’s favorite movies and she would giggle every time. They gave me a bunch of great advice about Disney shows for my daughter Evy. Top of their recommendations was the new live action “Cinderella” which we’ve since watched (multiple times).

I can’t wait to capture their fairy tale wedding day this November. I’m really hoping to hear some Disney songs during the ceremony…I’ll have to do all I can to stop myself from singing.



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