Jonathan and Laura: A Wedding

I feel incredibly honored whenever I am chosen to capture the beginnings of a marriage story, but I mostly love when the couple is thinking about the chapters ahead more than the introduction.

Jonathan and Laura are definitely one of those forward-thinking couples. For their wedding, they chose sentiment over all else. From where they took pictures, to the choice of pastor, to the bridal party, each part of the day was something from their past that would follow them into their lives together. The land in the shots below is owned by Laura’s family. She grew up riding horses through the fields and fishing in the pond. Even though Jon is a self-proclaimed “city boy”, the land is now part of their love story and we took all their shots together on the grounds.

Much like the land, the bridal party was also chosen as a way to honor their pasts. Jon had his dad as best man, with Laura’s dad and brother as groomsmen. Laura had her mom as maid-of-honor, with Jon’s mom and sister as bridesmaids. And if that wasn’t sweet enough, the two flower girls walking down the aisle, tossing flower petals along the way, were Laura’s grandmothers. (Sigh)

Jon and Laura chose to surround themselves with the people that raised them. Those that helped shape them into the people standing on the alter, making the greatest commitment of their lives. I could see the pride beaming from the faces standing on the church stage. If my daughter or son made those kinds of choices on her or his wedding day, I’d be bursting with pride too.

After the ceremony, a woman leaned over and whispered to me, “They just don’t make young people like that anymore. Those two are something special.”

I completely agree.

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