Preston and Meribeth: A Wedding

Sometimes the weddings I shoot bring a movie to mind and all I could think of during Preston and Meribeth’s was Love Actually. The guy who did the service was the matchmaker who brought them¬†together. He shared their journey and little pieces of their personalities. He also talked a lot about love and what it… Continue reading Preston and Meribeth: A Wedding

Charles + Kat: A Plantation Wedding

Charles and Kat were so intentional with their wedding day choices. They managed this even while dealing with the difficulties that come with marrying a Canadian, and having immediate family living overseas. I was so impressed with their ability to be flexible while also staying true to their style and wedding goals. They are both¬†thoughtful,… Continue reading Charles + Kat: A Plantation Wedding

Andrew + Melissa / A Wedding

Andrew and Melissa got married in the church where Melissa’s dad serves as a pastor. Because of this family connection, the wedding was dripping with meaning and intimacy. Both fathers performed part of the ceremony, and members of the congregation helped to decorate the church, do hair and makeup, provide the music, plan the ceremony,… Continue reading Andrew + Melissa / A Wedding

I’m Back

WordPress, how could I ever leave you? I was lured away by a different blog provider only to find that there is no equal to you. I’ve decided I need to simplify things these days. I realize with two kiddos it’s just not feasible to blog about every session I do. The blog platform I… Continue reading I’m Back